On Saturday, August 26, Grace hosted our first annual Cars & Coffee show and shine. We had an excellent day, and the sun shone brightly off the polished paint and chrome. We’re delighted with the whole event!

We had some exquisite cars show up including a couple of old Thunderbirds, a Packard, a Studebaker, a Mustang, a beautiful old Harley Davidson, and Roberto DeSandoli’s favourite: a BMW. The cars provided excellent conversation starters, and we had the chance to meet many of our neighbours.

The Boys and Girls Club were on hand to talk about the Avenue 15 youth shelter and help us serve coffee. The by-donation show and shine raised $670 which we’ll give to the shelter in the coming days. If you missed the event, you can learn more about the shelter on the Boys and Girls Club website: www.boysandgirlsclubsofcalgary.ca/programs/youth-housing-and-shelters/shelter/

Plans are already underway for next year’s Cars & Coffee, but for now here are few photos from the inaugural event.