Grace held a congregational meeting on September 24, 2017, to update members on the progress of the transition. In case you missed the meeting, or if you attended but wanted to review the presentations, we’ve included some of the information here.

Work of the Vision Committee

The committee recapped some of the work and decisions that Grace has made to this point in time; they provided a few new updates about the new governance structure which takes effect on October 1. The presentation defined the three elder roles Grace now has: Session Elders, Service Elders, and Inactive Elders. They also provided a list of which role each of our current Session Elders would be taking on. One final piece of the presentation was an exploration of each of the nine new committees.

One final piece of the presentation was an exploration of each of the nine new committees, and the current members of each. If you’re interested in participating on one of these committees or in another role, please contact Cindy Stephenson, Coordinator of Volunteers, at

If you have any questions about the Vision Committee work, contact Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Vision Committee Co-Chair, at

Grace’s Finances

Dan Philips,¬†Treasurer of Grace, gave an update on Grace’s financials as of August 31, 2017. You can review the numbers below. If you have any questions about the numbers, contact Dan at

Search Committee

Andy Burnett, Convenor of the Search Committee, outlined the progress to date. These are the highlights from his presentation:

  • Grace has received several¬†applications for the Lead Minister role since posting the congregational profile and position description on the website.
  • Members of the Search Committee reached out to selected applicants and are interviewing one candidate in the next week or so.
  • Session struck a Search Committee for the Service and Engagement Minister and has directed that a Search Committee for the Children and Youth Minister also be struck.

Andy expressed that process and ministry transition happening at Grace is unique in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The Session is conscious of the need to act with some urgency in the recruitment of all three ministers, especially in light of the workload that is currently being carried by Jean Morris.

For any questions about the Search Committee and process, please contact Mark Tremblay, Presbytery Representative, at

For any questions you send to the contacts listed above, an immediate response may not be possible, please be patient with them.