The refugee family that Grace is sponsoring will be on their way to Calgary soon!

A family of five who were fleeing the conflict in Sudan ended up in a refugee camp in Cairo where they waited for sponsorship and for all the necessary documentation and processes to run their course. Grace stepped up to sponsor the family three years ago, and we received word they may finally be arriving here in Calgary – perhaps as early as September!

We are excited to welcome them and are committed to helping them get established and find their way in a new city. A team is working to prepare for their arrival.

The team has put together a short list of needed items:

  • double and queen beds
  • dressers
  • winter clothing items (we hope to have information about sizing soon)

If you have any of these items or are interested in helping on the welcome team, please contact the church office by phone (403.244.5861) or email (

This is not the first refugee family Grace has sponsored. In the past, Grace has sponsored a family from Eritrea, from Somalia, and from Guatemala.