As we prepare for a new year of Sunday School, you might be curious to know more about the year’s lessons. For the 2017/18 Sunday School year, we’ve brought in a new curriculum called Feasting on the Word.

New Curriculum Calendar

Feasting on the Word is a lectionary-based curriculum which tackles one of the lectionary passages each week. Also, the lessons are slightly different for each age group, making adjustments according to the students’ developmental stages.

What’s a lectionary?

The Lectionary is a book that outlines scripture readings appointed for Christian worship on a given Sunday. Grace typically uses lectionary passages during our Sunday morning worship. Having lectionary-based curriculum means children will often be studying the same passages as their parents. As a result, families can talk on the way home about what each of them learned about the scripture passage.

What will kids be learning?

The calendar at the right gives a general overview of what our children will be learning. Though some lessons may deviate from this plan depending on what’s happening at Grace, and the curriculum might change for next summer’s Sunday School.

For more information about Feasting on the Word, the curriculum and the other materials they offer for learners in all stages of life, you can visit their website: