The Rev. Ian McDonald General Secretary, Life and Mission Agency, The Presbyterian Church in Canada

This morning we welcome the Rev. Ian Ross-McDonald to Grace. The Rev. Ross-McDonald was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After graduating from the University of King’s College (Nova Scotia) he attended Knox College (Toronto) and was ordained in 2001. Ian has served two congregations (First Church; Chatham, Ontario and Calvin Presbyterian Church, Toronto) and worked in camping ministries, served on national committees of the Denomination, and was the Clerk of the Presbytery of East Toronto. In 2011 Ian was appointed by the Life and Mission Agency as the Associate Secretary of Canadian Ministries (worship, evangelism, education, Leading with Care, new congregational development, ministries with Aboriginal Peoples, etc.); in September 2015 he was appointed the General Secretary of the Life and Mission Agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
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Isaiah 43:1-19
Psalm 98
Galatians 3:23-29
John 9:1-12

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