Named after a beloved Christian educator, the Library contains a wide variety of books and electronic media exploring our faith and spirituality, the Bible, Christian living, social and family issues.

Do you have…?

Our library collection is always growing; the library committee works hard to find and procure relevant new books each year.  Click Here to link to the most recent listing of new books.  You can browse some of our collection in the links below, but the catalogues don’t always include the newest items – so be sure to stop by the library from time to time and see what’s on display.

Download the Library Catalogue: 

How do I sign something out?

When you find something you like, signing it out is easy! Each item has a sign out card, just print your first and last name, the date, and your telephone number or email address on the card, and then leave the card in the wooden box on the desk in the family room. You’ll also find these instructions on the desk, just in case you forget.

How long can I hold on to it?

Loans are for four weeks. As with any library, overdue books can be a bit of problem for us. Out of respect for other users who may be waiting patiently for the resource you’ve got, please return items within the four week loan period.

Thanks for your help!
The Library Committee