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The Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris joins Grace as Guest Minister starting March 1

by admin

Beginning March 1, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris will be joining us here at Grace as Guest Minister. Dr. Farris will be with us until the end of June and will work with Dr. Morris to help provide ministry and leadership at Grace while the search progresses for the new Lead Minister of Vision and […]

Vision Committee Update, January 25

by Tyler Williams

The Vision Committee and Grace Leadership thank you for your continued engagement and support. At the January 22 congregational meeting, you voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new Ministry Model and Missional Focus for Grace Presbyterian Church. Moving forward, and with Presbytery’s approval, a committee will be gathered to begin the search for a candidate […]

Vision Committee Update, January 4

by Sue McMaster

Vision Committee Report: January 2017 Key Findings and Recommendations: Community Growth & Ministry Model Overview Following the departure of long-serving ministers Rev. Victor Kim and Rev. Leslie Walker, Grace Church has been in a period of review, reflection and interim ministry. The Presbyterian Church in Canada recommends that a congregation spend one to two years […]

Vision Committee Update, Dec. 7

by Sue McMaster

The Vision Committee has identified four areas of ministry focus as it considers a leadership model: Worship and vision; Community engagement and service; Christian education; and Pastoral care. Our future ministerial team will be supported by strong lay ministry personnel and volunteers who may be trained at Grace. If you have questions or concerns, please […]

December Newsletter

by Sue McMaster

There is so much happening at Grace Church! Click here to read the December newsletter,  sent December 1, 2016.

Vision Committee Update, Nov. 23

by Sue McMaster

In October, the Vision Committee focused on looking inward to understand the current congregation. In the first half of November, the Committee’s focus has been on the community outside our walls. With the assistance of the fantastic team at Finley & Associates, we have looked at characteristics and trends of the community within a 10-minute […]

November Newsletter

by Cindi Banman

There is so much happening at Grace Church this autumn! Click here to read a copy of our most recent newsletter sent on November 4, 2016 through Constant Contact.

Vision Committee Update, November 2016

by Sue McMaster

October Engagement October was a wonderful month of reflection and engagement by the congregation.  In addition to the electronic survey that received a huge response (over 200 people), many also participated in a leaders’ luncheon, two forums, a millennial panel and many small group discussions. Participation was high and there was a joyous energy around […]

Vision Committee Survey

by Sue McMaster

What draws you to Grace Presbyterian Church (GPC)? Before we can undertake a search for a new minister(s), we must understand and identify the core values of our congregation so that our search will be meaningful. The folks on the Vision Committee, with Co-Conveners Mary Rosza de Coquet and Laurie Livingstone, are working towards developing a congregational […]